Monday, March 02, 2009

Water it!

March is up to her usual tricks this year. She’s come in like a lamb and will probably go out like a lion! With temperatures predicted to be in the 60s and 70s this week---and no wind, yea!---it’s the perfect opportunity to give your trees, shrubs and garden a good soak. One to 1.5 inches of water would be ideal.

If you have new plantings, things that have been put in in the last year or two, remember to water them right at the base of the plant. It takes a long time for plants to establish roots beyond the initial rootball, and water doesn’t move from the “native” garden soil into commercial potting medium very well.

Otherwise, enjoy the sunny warmth of this false spring and hope for some nice, soggy snow!


Aiyana said...

We're having temperature flucuations too, running between 59and 84 degrees from one day to the next. It's definitely spring though, with any danger of frost gone, unless of course, some freaky thing happens.
I plan to get to Denver in mid-May this year to see things first budding out. I never go at that time, so thought this would be the year. Hope I'm not too early or too late!

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

Denver in mid-May, lucky you! Weather can be crazy (rain! snow! tornadoes!), but things look green and fresh, and the gardens are starting to bloom. I think of May as "groundcover month." It seems that most of the flowering plants are small and close to the ground---the big showy stuff will appear in June.
If you are here on the weekend of Mother's Day, try to attend Denver Botanic Gardens' annual (read yearly!) plant sale. A huge variety of plants, including cacti and succulents, are to be had.
Happy spring!