Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day 5.15.2013

Spring has been incredibly slow to arrive this year.  Only now, in mid-May, are we beginning to see the flowering trees and shrubs that usually entertain us in March and April.  Here is a photo of my front entry garden that I took yesterday.
compact Oregon grape holly, Japanese tree lilac, and 'Cameo' quince
This is the same view that I photographed last year for the APRIL 2012 Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Although last year was considered an "early" spring, this year we are a good 4-6 weeks behind "normal". (It's all so confusing!)
Same view, April, 2012
If you're curious, here are links to my Garden Blogger's Bloom day posts in MAY 2012 , MAY 2011 and MAY 2007!

It amuses me that a couple of tulips are blooming now that are complete opposites in character.
One is a small (8" tall) species tulip that forms lovely, perennial clusters in the dry prairie garden. The warm, multi-hued colors are cheerful and engaging in a sophisticated way.
Tulipa 'Little Princess'
A fancy, fringed black tulip — located in a more moist setting —  is a bold and beautiful show-off .
Tulipa 'Vincent Van Gogh'
I'm hoping to have many more blooms to share with you in June!

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