Friday, September 12, 2008

My Late Summer Garden

Above: View to the southeast
Above: South border view
Above: West border view

These photos were taken late yesterday afternoon, before the rain began (yes! a whole glorious inch!). I'm always surprised at how many flowers I actually have still blooming this time of year ---Phlox, Sedum, Ceratostigma, Oenothera, Centranthus, Agastache, Zauschneria, Aster, Callirhoe, Coropsis, Geranium, Scabiosa, Perovskia, Salvia, Caryopteris, Buddleia--- and most of the asters haven't even begun to open yet. My favorite (and only) annual, Wave petunia, is at its peak now, and the cooler temperatures have the lawn (Kentucky bluegrass) looking its best since April. However, the wacky weather we experienced this spring and summer has left the ornamental (and native) grasses about half their ususal size, and many of my other perennials looking kind of puny too. Ah well, such are the vagaries of gardening in high and dry Colorado!


Allison said...

Ah! As always, even more beautiful than I remember! XO

Aiyana said...