Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Meet . . . Agastache!

Agastache is a genus of perennials in the mint family that have become very popular for xeriscape gardens --- they like the soil lean and dry! Commonly called hyssop or hummingbird mint (a much prettier name, I think!), these plants range in color from blue to pink to orange. I love the bi-color types, such as Sunset Hummingbird Mint (Agastache rupestris), pictured here. Just last week I planted three more of these beauties in my garden. They have a very long bloom period from mid-summer well into fall. Depending on what variety you choose, the size range is 24" to 48" tall by 18" to 30" wide. They all need full sun and well drained soil, especially in the winter. And, yes, they do attract hummingbirds!

Companion plants for hummingbird mint include English lavender, 'Powis Castle' artemesia, 'May Night' salvia, creeping speedwell, penstemon, and Texas red yucca.


Allison said...

These are beautiful! Do you "dead head" them to encourage more blooms?

jocelyn said...

In my experience, these plants will not benefit from dead heading. They are very low maintenance---just cut them down to the new growth each Spring.

Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Oh, boy! I just bought two of these and two other hyssops more than a week ago and I haven't yet put them in the ground. I'm going to do it today though.

Great blog! Terrific job.