Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ag Day

Yesterday my family and I went to the annual Ag Day celebration at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. My husband I are graduates of CSU's College of Agriculture and this is our favorite alumni event of the year. It consists of a huge "tailgate" barbecue and football game. The barbecue is a sampling of all the major foods produced in Colorado: beef, pork, lamb, turkey, corn, potatoes, beans, melons, apples, cheese, milk and more. The horticulture/floriculture industry is also represented - everyone takes home a fall bedding plant (pansies this year)! Hay bales, live music, and gigantic farm equipment set the stage. The "limited" tickets are grabbed up by hundreds of students and alumni for a truly multi-generational affair.

Oh, yea, the game was pretty good, too. Go Rams!