Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Peony Time

Peonies are one of those trigger plants that evoke memories of times, places, and people gone by. They are one of only a handful of plants that many of my clients actually know (and often request for their gardens). Peonies are valued by both Western and Eastern cultures — being native to China — and have been cultivated in gardens and featured in many art forms for centuries.

Most folks are familiar with herbaceous peonies that die back to the ground every winter. Today's photos feature a tree peony that I photographed recently at Denver Botanic Gardens.

white tree peony frames a moon gate at DBG
There are peonies suitable for almost any Front Range garden; they're quite durable, once established. For more information on peonies and how to grow them, visit Peony's Envy; they offer a wealth of information and lots of luscious photos. Note: this is not a sponsored link, I just like to share the good stuff when I find it.

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