Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Play Time

Yesterday, while Jim and I were walking along the Clear Creek Trail here in Wheat Ridge, he spied this old, fallen tree trunk. He commented that it was just the thing that he would have targeted for his childhood adventures. No kidding! What a perfect object to climb on and under, add a swinging rope to, cover with tarps to use as a fort, etc, etc. I wish I could have this reproduced and shipped to all the kids I know.

Although Jim grew up in a rural area with lots of spaces like this one, I had the run of an overgrown greenbelt near my home in the "big city" of Colorado Springs. My grandmother's overgrown gardens and orchard in small town southwestern Colorado were also a great source of adventure for me.

Did you have a favorite play area or object when you were a child?
What are your landscape goals when it comes to providing fun and / or education for the young ones in your family?

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