Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Community Gardens — Santa Clarita Style

This stunning, flowering artichoke is very California! No?
I  recently took a whirlwind trip to Santa Clarita, California, and made a brief visit to their community gardens in Central Park. The one acre-plus garden area  features an attractive tool shed and a large, pergola shaded gathering space. Pathways were heavily mulched, and the entire space was neat, well tended and obviously appreciated by the member gardeners.
I was struck by two things: The garden area was open and welcoming to the public, but each plot (maybe 8'x12' in size) was enclosed in a knee-high fence of hardware cloth. A great idea to keep the bunnies at bay.

I was also impressed at the diversity of the gardens. Some were very utilitarian veggie production sites, but most of them showed individual character and featured both edibles and flowers.
hollyhocks already in full bloom
A fun take on "square foot" gardening.
And some plots looked like miniature backyard or patio gardens with paths, seating, and ornaments.

Three cheers for the gardeners of Santa Clarita for making the most of their community gardens.

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