Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Signs of Spring

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this somewhat ratty garden looks beautiful to me! Spring green shoots are pushing their way up through the winter debris and into the sunshine. In a couple of months all of these little sprigs will look like this:
Allium christophii
Another sign of spring today:  The temperature this morning was a chilly 20°F, yet this afternoon I saw my first butterfly of the year.  Do you know the Mourning Cloak butterfly? They're very common in Colorado, and typically one of the first butterflies to come out of hibernation. There's a great write up about them here.

What signs of spring have you seen lately?


_emily_rose said...

In Tennessee the Red Oaks are budding out, the first daffodils & hyacinths are blooming, my rose is putting out new growth, and the day lilies are starting to sprout. Yay for spring!!

Happy Gardening!

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

Sounds lovely, Emily!