Monday, March 24, 2014

Design Decoded 3.21.2014

public garden/plaza via Pintrest
Today's featured design from Pintrest is one of those awkward urban spaces that serves as both a busy pedestrian corridor and a "pocket park". It has a narrow, wedge shape defined by commercial buildings on two sides and a street on the third.

Why it works: fantastic use of  contrast and repetition.

  • Three key sidewalks run strongly perpendicular to the street (on left) and base of the water feature. This makes for easy and efficient access to and through the space. The fact that the walkways are also bridges make the pedestrian experience a bit more fun and exciting.
  • The curved line of the "through-way"  that runs the length of the landscape softens the space and slows the pace.  It sets up a wonderful contrast with all of the straight lines in a very crisp, contemporary way.
  • The circular planters, though set in rigid lines, seem to dance and play through the space.
  • The proportions of this design are so perfect that it could be expanded or contracted to suit any size of space.
  • My only critique: the plant material could be softer and more colorful.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your succeeded in taking a tight space (maybe wedged-in, non-rectilinear) and expanding it.

Softening, color - agreed. If that were here, those palms could be another hardier palm (fat-trunked W. filifera) or tree yuccas, but with penstemons and globemallows below them instead of lawn...and chocolate flower tucked into the benches. Imagine that morning walk?

Anonymous said...
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Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

I love your suggestions for plant substitutions! The perennials would work here, but not the palm trees. Maybe Russian hawthorns or Japanese tree lilacs...?