Wednesday, November 06, 2013

In the Garden Now

Are you a year-round gardener? Do you strive to find things to do in your yard even as the plants are going dormant and the cold wind blows?  Here are a few suggestions — and a little link love — for activities that are perfect for the  November gardener.

Plant bulbs!  It's the perfect time to get those spring blooming beauties in the ground.  For inspiration, check out Deborah Silver's tips on her blog Dirt Simple (nobody does it better!).  You should still be able to purchase bulbs locally, but you might enjoy perusing the offerings from Brent and Becky's Bulbs, too.  Their catalog is packed full of interesting plants and helpful information.

Take care of your stuff. My November Rocky Mountain Gardener's Checklist on Houzz focuses on winterizing your valuable pots and tools.

Schedule a tree pro. Do your trees or large shrubs need to be pruned? Find a Certified Arborist via the International Society of Arboriculture - Rocky Mountain Chapter.  These are the folks that have been trained in tree health management and how to work safely in dangerous situations.

Visit a display garden.  Once deciduous plants have shed their leaves it's easier to focus on their other characteristics, like interesting or colorful bark, persistent fruit (more color!) or a striking form.  Evergreens come into play more strongly now, too.  Make observations and notes for additions to your own landscape, or just enjoy an invigorating walk.  Some of my favorites are Kendrick Lake Park (a fabulous xeriscape and natives garden), The Gardens on Spring Creek (lots of ideas for veggie lovers), and Denver Botanic Gardens (something for everyone!).

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