Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring to It!

It's Go-Time in the garden, and to help you get a handle on what to do and how to get it done I've compiled some links to articles and resources that you may find helpful:

First, written by moi, a gardening checklist for April.

Here is an extremely good article about soil by horticulturist Carol O'Meara; what it is and the best ways to improve it (and not wreck it).

Denver Water has declared a Stage 2 Drought and will be imposing water use restrictions on April 1st.  Some of them will have a major impact on outdoor use, so check their site (April 1st) for all the details.

Start planning now for how to use water efficiently.  Here are some great tips from Colorado State University on making the most of your drip irrigation system.

Have a great weekend!

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ketz said...

Our flowers and trees are starting to bloom and I always love to see now our garden every morning. Welcome spring.

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