Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Different Kind of Rock Garden

A very high altitude rock wall

bordering a road less traveled,

overlooking an alpine meadow and timber blow-down,

giving color and grace to a sacred place:

a rock garden for the spirit.

During our recent travels to Wyoming we visited this National Historic Landmark in the Bighorn Mountains.  The 75 foot diameter medicine wheel, at an elevation of 9,642 feet, is thought to be about 700 years old and built by the Crow Indians.

It was a very moving experience to hear a native American man chanting prayers there while viewing a state-of-the-art communications structure in the near distance.


Desert Dweller said...

Amazing - that's one state I;ve never been. And never imagined such a place of importance. Thanks for sharing this.

Tree Removal Brooklyn said...

Fantastic, like you said hearing the natives chanting prayers can be moving. I would imagine its euphoric for the feeling of just being there and being in the atmosphere of land and tradition that goes back way long ago. Quite an experience, I wish I could be there.

-Ken Nicely

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

David and Ken, thanks to you both for your comments --- it's a very inspiring place.
Only wish we'd had a clear blue sky that day; wildfires in the area created a hazy overcast...