Monday, November 07, 2011

On the Street . . . Lincoln St, Denver, Colorado

Design fail!
this "lawn" is about two feet wide
Wouldn't this planting strip be so much MORE if it were filled with billowing ornamental grasses,  colorful perennials, and texture-full shrubs?

They managed to get it right on the other side of the walkway, so what went wrong here?

A wasted opportunity is now a waste of resources, too.


Desert Dweller said...

Wow - talk about blowing it. That is an F- at that! Our own botanic gardens changed the groundcover patches in their "Japanese Garden" to patches of Kentucky BLAHgrass, too. I was speechless when I saw that.

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

I can only guess that BUDGET reared its ugly head here! But what short term thinking - can you imagine the maintenance cost on this?

Creaciones Verdes said...

Completely agree