Sunday, November 13, 2011


Remember this?

The lovely 'Autumn Joy' sedums that I photographed just a few weeks ago now look like this:

  They had not had enough time to dry out and harden off before we were hit with a couple of heavy snows. Some years they will stay perfectly upright and the flower heads will dry to a rich, brick red, adding texture and color to the winter landscape. 

 This year it was just not meant to be!


MarkNDenver said...

Jocelyn -

Had the same trouble with some of my taller grasses. These two snow storms took a toll on them - just as they were really looking nice and autumn-like. I guess that is the nature of gardening (or just nature) - don't expect perfection - just live with the reality of the situation. Colorado weather can be hard hearted and cruel sometimes.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday.


Acantholimon said...

There's nothing quite so pitiful as a flat Sedum! You plucked my heart strings. By the way, your talk was marvellous: I came back home and looked around and had some great ideas for next year! Thanks for speaking at the RMC banquet!

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

Mark, my grasses look a bit wonky now, too. (Little bluestem fared the best.)Glad you take a relaxed attitude about your garden - why make yourself crazy, eh? Happy T-Day to you and yours!

Panayoti, thanks so much for your kind words! The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society is a great group - I really enjoyed my visit - thanks for inviting me!