Friday, August 05, 2011

Vacation: foreign fauna recap

The coastal region of far northern California never fails to entertain.  The built landscapes are wonderfully full of beautiful plants that are different from my usual palette.  However, it's often the native or naturalized plants that find themselves in front of my lens (camera phone only, on this trip):

On the beach


a river runs through it

At the dog park


an Equisetum of some type?

leaf miner graffiti

Zoe, Allison, and Abiba down the alder allee

I can't wait to return!


Allison said...

What fun it always is to have you here. I get to look at this beautiful place with 'new eyes' every time you visit. Hurry back!

Desert Dweller said...

That odd color I Looks like a nice trip.

Robert Webber said...

Loved the river runs thro it pic espec!
Thanks for fab pics