Friday, April 01, 2011

Photo Friday 4.1.2011 - April Fool's Edition

What's wrong with this photo?
variegated Vinca minor
The joke's on me! This morning, when I took this photograph, I didn't even notice the piece of twine there - a mere six inches from the camera. It wasn't until I downloaded the photo that it became obvious. Good grief.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Diane Robb said...

You don't even notice because we are all so anxious/excited for spring that we just focus on the colors of the flowers and the greenery coming to life!

Desert Dweller said...

I would also think the April Fool's joke would be the 85F weather followed by 2' of snow and a 10F low...oh, that's reality some springs in Denver. But only a joke to a newcomer!

Robert Webber said...

Is there a joke at all? Its chic! The twine to my eye has a green which almost exactly matches the leaf in some lights and the navy shade, makes the mauve bluer and deeper to my mind. Not sure why we aren't all out tossing bits of recherche twine around in tastefully sympathetic tones of course!
Lovely pic!

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

David, we are having just such a weather phenomenon now - record high of 84 yesterday and snow coming in this afternoon. Crazy but common place around here!

Yes, Diane, it's easy to overlook the "rough edges" when we're so eager to see spring's beauty.

Robert, you are too funny! Let's start a new trend: twining the garden! Or not.