Friday, April 29, 2011

On the Street . . . Little Raven Street, Denver

This scene caught my attention a few weeks ago. The bamboo, boxwood and pansies all looked great, considering the dry and windy winter/spring we've experienced. These are all water loving plants in a hot (west facing) urban setting.  Obviously they are hardy, but what a missed opportunity to showcase more drought tolerant, sustainable plants.


Desert Dweller said...

I agree - they could have kept the symmetry and simple lines, but bumped up some volume at the ends or in a pot. This is like most landscape people in Abq, striving to imitate the midwest...lost opportunities.

And many clients will not pay or at least be patient for creativity.

Robert Weebber said...

Excellent point.
And they just all look plain wrong together!

MarkNDenver said...

As you may be aware I am of the same mind when it comes with plants in our downtown gardens and planters. Why must they be all imports and not some of the local natives. The locals typically are easier to maintain (better in these days of stricter budgets). I am truly amazed to see what goes into the public planters in Denver... We can only hope that sometime in the near future things will change a bit!
Just my humble opinion.

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

It all boils down to changing the public's expectations through education. It won't happen over night, but I think now - more than ever - people are open to new ideas about what our outdoor environment could be.