Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wordless Wednesday 12.01.2010


Janine Robinson said...

your photos are all so stunning and vibrant. i just started a blog and i feel mine are dull and flat, and don't do the subject justice. any tips?

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

Hi Janine, glad you are enjoying the photos---I'll admit, they're my favorite part of blogging!!

To answer your question: one reason that my photos may look different than yours is that I'm at a high altitude (5300 feet)and you are at sea level. The light quality will always be different because of the air density. Afraid there's nothing you can do about that! To study some great garden photos at sea level, visit Les at A Tidewater Garden (link on my sidebar).
Another tip is to never use the "auto" setting on your camera. Although I rarely work in full manual mode, I do always play with the preset modes that vary the lens aperture (opening). Photograph your subject with a few different settings. You may be surprised what the subtle differences in depth of field and focus can do in creating a better image.
Last, it may also have to do with the quality of the lens of your camera. The physical manufacturing of great optics DOES matter. I love the Nikon D60 that I've been using the last 18 months, and their Coolpix line is good too, especially if you want a smaller camera. My last film camera was a Pentax, and it was excellent.

Hope this helps a bit Janine, and good luck with your blog!

janine robinson said...

jocelyn, you are so generous with your information and advice. thank you! i think i need to either take a photo class or spend more time on tutorials via youtube or the web. i have a canon t2i, and only shoot on auto. so it's time to break out! and i had no idea that altitude affected photos. so i have tons to learn! thanks again!!