Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Durable Plants for the Garden Goes to....

Russian sage and fernbush, Chamaebatiara millefolium
... MarkNDenver! Mark's name was chosen from the comments via the random number generator, but a big thanks to all who participated!

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Connie Kogler said...

Russian Sage IS beautiful, but it reseeds so prolifically I'm very concerned about it becoming a pest. Neighbors on both sides of me have them and I've pulled way too many volunteers from my yard. What do you think?

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

Connie, I appreciate your concern about Russian sage. My observation is that, as with so many plants, the level of peskiness depends on the growing conditions where the plant is located. In my dry, sandy soil I have very few seedlings and they are easy to control. The situation could be different in a richer or more moist soil (I've also heard of lady's mantle being a pest, and I can't grow that at all!). I've never observed Russian sage growing "in the wild", either. Since Russian sage has been widely sold for over 15 years now, I think the fear of it being invasive to the point of being declared a noxious weed is long gone. Thanks again for your comment!