Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Afternoon Garden Club 8.6.2010

Purslane between flagstones --- what a pain!
It’s FAC time in The Art Garden!  Grab your favorite beverage and pull up a chair.  You didn’t really want to work this afternoon anyway, did you?  Leave a comment to join the garden party.
Today’s topic:

Weeds love August! What weeds are you dealing with in your garden these days?  Perennial bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) is my biggest, ongoing challenge, but this time of year I have plenty of annual purslane (Portulaca oleracea) and ridgeseed spruge (Euphorbia glyptosperma) to get after, too. My ornamental plantings are fairly dense, and my soil is mulched, so pulling the weeds by hand is usually the best method for me.  I'll attack that purslane (above) with my trusty hori-hori knife.
What is your peskiest weed problem? How do you manage it? Have you ever completely eradicated a weed from your garden successfully?  What was your technique?


Anonymous said...

The "pain" you portray in your picture actually goes good with pasta.

My Northwest Denver neighbor, Mrs. Lopez, caught me pulling Purslane and tossing it on the compost pile. She was raised during the Great Depression and knows how to turn anything into a meal. She called the plant Verdolaga, and whisked it away to her kitchen to make a burrito.

Granted, it tasted like a hot weed burrito, but with a little experimentation, I have found that it is better used as a replacement for spinach in a vegetarian-style lasagna.

Verdolaga is packed with vitamins A & C, and has more beta-carotene than spinach. As always with the garden, if you can't beat it, eat it!

Love Always,
Weed Eater

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

I've heard that purslane is edible, but had never been too excited about using it in a salad. Thanks for the background story and the recipe tips! My next door neighbor has a pet pot-bellied pig, Nigel, and he loves to eat it. Guess he'll just have to share now!