Monday, May 03, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Monday in May

The tulips are still in full bloom, though I need to ditch the red and yellow ones---they re too harsh with all the pinks and peaches that are blooming now in the majority of the garden.

All of the flowering crab apples around town are spectacular this year. So full of blooms and fragrance and humming bees that they make my head swim.

Visits to the garden centers have been inspiring, exciting, and very tempting, but I'm not ready to plant my pots up with annuals just yet. I've been burned by late frosts enough times that I plan to wait it out for a few more weeks. Ditto my favorite warm season veggies.

I'm anxiously awaiting the lilac blossoms. Lots of full buds now on the 'Living fence" hedge that separates the back of our property from that of our neighbor, Ivy. (I love that name!)

Less wind, please!

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Les said...

I'll also take less wind, but with a little rain please.