Friday, November 13, 2009

Lingering Leaves

Above: Cameo quince, Chaenomeles speciosa 'Cameo'

A number of my deciduous shrubs still have a bit of foliage hanging on, although the storm we're expecting this weekend may be the end of it. Hope you enjoy the tour!
Above: purple-leaf honeysuckle vine, Lonicera japonica 'Purpurea'

Above: compact lavender butterfly bush, Buddleja davidii nanhoensis 'Petite Indigo'. The foliage texture on this dwarf form is much finer than that of the standard, pictured below.
Purple butterfly bush, Buddleja davidii 'Black Knight'

Above and below: beauty bush, Kolkwitsia amabalis. This young plant will eventually get 10-15 feet tall and maintain a vase-like form.

Above: fernbush, Chamaebatiaria millefolium
Above: St. Johnswort, Hypericum frondosum 'Sunburst'
Below: still going strong after weeks of showy color, Grow-Low sumac, Rhus aromatica 'Grow-Low'

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