Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kinda Weird

Yesterday afternoon I headed outside to do some weeding and, guess what?, there were no weeds! Well, maybe a handful, but that was it! So I mowed the lawn; an easy 15 minute jaunt around the yard, and that was it! So I grabbed my pruners thinking there would be some deadheading to do. I made a few snips here and there, but that was it!

I feel like I'm in a gardening twilight zone: lots of beautiful flowers blooming, lush foliage starting to turn colors, dense green grass, and NO WORK!

Weird, indeed.


Allison said...

Nah! Just good planning! Enjoy!

Rosey Pollen said...

Lucky you! I am avoiding weedin right at this moment as I type this.

erinrae said...

my front roses are doing another round of blooming and i have a white poppy blooming as well.

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

Yep, it's a great time of year for gardens---and gardeners!