Monday, May 25, 2009

Rain, Rain, RAIN!

We’ve already had nearly two inches of rain this weekend, and it’s coming down again. Luckily, I got my patio pots planted last weekend (mostly annuals, but I scored a couple of hostas at a garage sale {$2.00 each!} to tuck into the pots on my shady front porch, and added some herbs to the pots on my sunny patio), but I have more veggies and a number of perennials I really want to get in the ground now. Right now!

But, hey, at least it’s not snowing!

Correction to the previous post: plant ID is Verbascum phoeniceum.

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Aiyana said...

We've had only 1.76 inches of rain for the whole year so far!
I wonder why more people here don't think of adding plants to their yard sales. I know I would buy some unusual Agave species or cacti if I ever saw any. Maybe I'm the only one though--and that's why!