Friday, January 30, 2009

Celebrate your Success!

Larkspur in the June garden

With Winter (unofficially) half over - yea! – and the hustle and bustle of the Spring gardening season yet to come, perhaps it’s time to sit back and celebrate your gardening achievements.

Pull up a comfy chair and a hot drink. Do you keep a photo album or garden journal? Bring that out too. Now indulge in a bit of happy reminiscing.

Did you plant something new last season that was especially eye-catching?
Did you get a nasty weed situation under control?
Did you finally get a more efficient watering system established?
Did you repair, refresh or replace a valuable hardscape component of your garden?
Did you adapt at least one “green” technique for maintaining your garden?
Did you share your love of plants and gardening with your community?

Please share your success stories with me!


Jean said...

My garden idea, when the season was winding down last fall, was to make photos from certain vantage points of every bed in my garden, to use to show myself progress, need for change and other garden needs throughout the coming year.

Before, I filed pics by month. This year I'll file by bed, using the same points from which to photograph. Some beds have more than one vantage point.

I hope I'll see successes as well as failures, using this planning tool.


Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

That's a great idea, Jean! Anyone who has alternative seating areas within the landscape (which I highly redommend) can multiply their garden vistas---and planning fun!

Irve said...


I attended your lecture in Fort Collins in the spring 09. The many images and yardscapes you presented have been long lasting. My yard is just 2 years young and growing up fast. I have added a water feature this year and would like to finish, (landscaping is never finished, evolving) would love to have you're visionary expertise. Do you make house calls?? my contact number:
cell 847-287-9611 H 484-1952

Thank you for your valuable time

Irve Denenberg