Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We Love to Eat

One of the fun things about vacationing is eating new and different foods and having them cooked by someone else! One of the highlights of my recent trip was a visit to the Humboldt County Farmer’s Market in Arcata, California, where we bought fresh oysters (and other good stuff), then cooked them on the grill. Fantastic!

This bad boy was only $1.00!!! Humboldt Bay is one of the biggest producers of oysters in the country.
My sister (and hostess), Allison, is a wonderful cook. She introduced me to the world of oyster pairings beyond lemon; pesto, BBQ sauce, salsa, etc. We had quite the feast.

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Aiyana said...

You can have the oysters, but that yellow cauliflower looks yummy. I've never seen any that yellow before.