Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kid Speak

I had a visit from a young neighbor the other day, and as she was walking through this little side garden (bare legged, bare footed and all of 3 1/2 feet tall) she exclaimed, “This is messy!” Her mother started to soften the comment with, “Well . . .,” but I jumped right in and set things straight: “It’s not messy, it’s fluffy!”


Jim/ArtofGardening said...

I've got a messy garden too. It's and aesthetic, it's what I aimed for! Yours is beautiful! I'd kill for a mess like that.

Having a kid and knowing that messy is what they're all about, I'd consider it a compliment.

Nicole said...

I just found your blog and have spent some time quite enjoying these posts! Even though we are in very different climates, good garden design and advice applies across the board. I actually like your "fluffy" look, a la John Brookes. I find it a bit strange how so many Americans are averse to a more natural looking landscape,and don't allow plants to self seed etc.

jocelyn said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jim. I'd forgotten that kids and messes do go hand-in-hand!

Nicole, glad you enjoy the blog. I'm hoping that as more Americans embrace the idea of sustainable landscaping we'll see more naturalized landscapes and gardens being adopted.

Aiyana said...

It's lovely. I like this cottage garden look. If I lived in any other climate, that's just the look I would aim for.