Monday, May 12, 2008

Swirly Whirly

The foam phenomenon on the surface of our pond is just one of springtime’s magic acts. I don’t know what causes it, although it seems to be connected to the drastic changes in temperature that we experience this time of year (case in point: today 80 degrees F, tomorrow snow). I’ve also heard that it may have something to do with protein levels, although the presence of plants and fish are not a factor.
Whatever the cause, I love watching the marbleized effect on the water’s surface as the koi shimmer below.

Do you have foamy stuff on your pond? Do you know what causes it? Do tell.

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No Rain said...

From what I understand, the koi spawning causes a buildup of proteins in the water. When the fish move around, air bubbles form naturally as the water is stirred up, but the organic materials in the pond cause the air bubbles to be more stable than usual. I don't know much about ponds and koi, but I remember this info from a garden tour where the homeowner had an elaborate koi pond and was discussing this phenomenon with tour attendees who also had koi ponds. Sometimes it pays to eavesdrop!