Saturday, April 05, 2008

This Bud's for You

I wanted to show a whole collection of shrubs and trees ready to burst into bloom, but my little digital point-and-shoot camera just isn’t up to the task. So…enjoy this portrait of Mahonia repens (creeping Oregon grape holly). It will soon to burst into bright yellow flowers.

Spring seems to be lagging behind this year. At first I thought it was just psychological---the early switch to Daylight Savings Time was tricking me into thinking it was later in the season than it actually is. However, plants that are reliable March bloomers in my yard, like my apricot tree and cameo quince, are just now in bud and may take another week to actually bloom. So what gives? The winter weather was not unusual, and the spring weather seems pretty “normal” too.

Ah, the mysteries of mother nature.


No Rain said...

I knew the Denver area was late--my son was also surprised by the slowness of spring. The same is happening here. Usually sweet peas bloom and are spent by February 15-20, this year, they are just now in full flower. It is indeed odd as we didn't have any frost this past winter at all. Maybe that's the thing!

gardeningAngel said...

I agree - Spring does seem like it is later than normal. I am in Monument, and even the crocus are late. I have some Iris Reticula that look nice though. I finally started to clean out all my gardens yesterday. The crab apple trees have not yet even shown the slightest hint of budding, and the pasque flowers have not yet shown up in my yard, although I have seen a few up the street.


jocelyn said...

Whew---glad I'm not just totally mental. Thanks!