Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blossoms and Shadows

I took this photograph early one morning last week, just before we had a snow storm. Of course that snow was short lived; it’s just been too warm and windy for any moisture to hang around for long. Speaking of wind, I’ve had a tough time taking many successful photos this spring. I’m determined to upgrade my digital camera this year and am considering the new Nikon D60. Has anyone tried this out yet, or had experience with other mid-range Nikon digitals?

Yesterday I was at Colorado State University to team teach a class on sales techniques for landscape designers. The class was part of a course called “Professional Practices” that was developed by the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado in conjunction with the CSU faculty. The goal of the class series, which is taught by working landscape professionals, is to give students in the landscape design and construction program a “real life” look at the realities of business in their chosen profession. I love visiting with the students there---it always amazes and impresses me to see how much the program has improved since I was a student there (class of 1980!)


Carlene said...
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No Rain said...

Great photo--it takes a minute to get the perspective, and then pulls you right in.
As far as cameras, I haven't owned a Nikon in years. I'm currently using a Sony DSC-H1, and I'm quite pleased with it. Good luck on getting a suitable camera!

jocelyn said...

Glad you liked the photo, Aiyana. thanks for the camera tip---my very first digital camera was a Sony Mavica, which I really liked. I'll take a look at that DSC-H1, because I know that your photos are always crisp and have stunning colors.