Monday, December 03, 2007

More Color

A few weeks ago my husband attended a workshop in using soft pastels that was taught by Arvada artist Jan Myers, whose work he has long admired. One of his fellow students mentioned a local resource for soft pastels; one of only four locations in the entire US where they are made.

Last week, houseguests in tow, we visited Terry Ludwig Pastels in Littleton, Colorado. Terry himself graciously gave us a tour of his small operation where about two dozen raw pigments from all over the world are combined to create hundreds of beautiful hues. All of the production is done by hand, and the finished pastels are sold via the internet or there at the studio. Sticks may be purchased individually, or in color sets designed by Terry and other artists.

The photo above is a set that my sister created for herself---it gives you just a hint of the rich depth of color of these soft, buttery sticks.


No Rain said...

I've always loved learning how things are made, and unlike many, looked forward to factory tours, etc. One time on a Vermont vacation, we visited a man who carved tiny birds with tail feathers that, at the end of the carving process, miraculously snapped open to form a fan. 20 years later I still marvel at his craftsmanship when look at the little wooden bird I bought that day.
Thanks for sharing Terry Ludwig's website.

jocelyn said...

Wonderful story, Aiyana! I think that those of us who work with our hands are always curious about how others create things too.