Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meet. . . Solidago!

Solidago, also know as goldenrod, is a reliable late summer bloomer with vibrant yellow flowers. There are a number of varieties available on the market today varying in height from 2’-6’ tall. My favorite, by far, is the ‘Fireworks’ cultivar of Solidago rugosa. The flower form, indeed, looks like an exploding firecracker! It has a delicate texture that is a great contrast to the more stalwart asters, sunflowers, and plumbago that are also in bloom now. Most Solidago prefer a compost enriched soil, moderate moisture, and full sun.

My Fireworks goldenrod is shown here with an ornamental sage.


No Rain said...

Hi Jocelyn,
Thanks for visiting my garden blog. In answer to your question regarding Fabaceae vs. Leguminosae, apparently Leguminosae is an acceptable alternative to Fabaceae, so if you use it, you are not wrong. We learned to use the term Fabaceae rather than Leguminosae. I've also posted this answer on my blog.
BTW, I love visiting your blog as I lived in the Denver area for a short time many years ago and have always kept up with the plants there.

jocelyn said...

Thanks for clearing up that mystery! Glad to know I haven't been commiting a horticultural faux pas all these years ;-)!!