Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What a Relief!

The garden tour/art exhibit went off without a hitch this past Saturday. We got lucky with some rain showers and cooler weather the week prior to the event, so things went from toasty and dry looking to quite acceptable. Of course, I spent several days “staging” the garden by adding new flowering plants or those with cool foliage, moving pots from the patio into the garden, adding fresh mulch, weeding, deadheading, etc. It’s actually been months of work getting things (and keeping them!) ship shape for the garden event, not to mention preparing for an art exhibition (and having plenty of new work to show!) as well. Whew! The past few days have been spent merely puttering about, enjoying the fruits of our labors. Hope you enjoy this mini photo tour!


LostRoses said...

"Staging the garden"! I have to remember to call it that when I run to the nursery to get some "filler" plants when I'm expecting company. Sounds like your art garden walk was a success and weren't we lucky to get some rain?

Karl said...

The place looks great. Love to see it in person some day. Congratulations, and I bet you are relieved.

jocelyn said...

The pressure is still on! Just found out that a photo scout for "Cottage Living" and "Garden Design" magazines will be popping by sometime next week. Yipes!