Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mosquito Season

Mosquito season is here---aaaaak! I hate mosquitoes, and now with the upgraded threat of West Nile virus they are on my hit list. I’m a big fan of Mosquito Dunks®, a biological larvicide that’s easy to use and lasts for about a month. I put them in my water pots, pond, birdbath, etc. The active ingredient is Bacillus thuringensis, a bacterium that is eaten by, and then kills, mosquito larvae. The dry cakes can be broken into smaller pieces depending on the surface area of water to be treated (a little goes a long way!). Look for them at your favorite garden center.

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LostRoses said...

What would we do without mosquito dunks? We surely couldn't enjoy our ponds with any peace of mind knowing they were breeding millions of mosquitos. We're so fortunate in Colorado to be able to sit outside without being swarmed by insects and these nifty dunks take care of the one real pest!