Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fountain Pots

The July issue of Sunset magazine features an elegant fountain of glazed ceramic containers. Illustrated instructions for the project here show how easy it is to bring water to an entry or patio garden. However, if you want your fountain to be more mobile (temporary), or you want to use it on a patio or deck, you can use my "cheap ‘n easy" method:

1. Use a ceramic pot without a drain hole, or seal the hole with a cork and silicone calking. Place pot on a level surface (mine is on a slab of flagstone) and fill with water.
1. Use a small, recirculating pump. Add a rigid pipe extension (minimum 8”) to the outlet. Put the pump in the pot so that the pipe is just below the surface of the water (you may need to use some stones or bricks to bring the pump to the right height).
1. Plug the pump in to a GFI electrical outlet and, voila!

Of course, the electrical cord is exposed, but can often be screened with potted plants etc. I sometimes add floating plants such as water hyacinth or water lettuce to my pot as well.

Believe me; adding just a bit of water to your garden will make you feel more serene and cooler, too!

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