Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meet. . .Amelanchier!

Autumn Brilliance serviceberry today

Amelanchier, commonly known as serviceberry, are shrubs or small trees that are native to the higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains and northern Great Plains. There are a number of species that range in size from 6’ tall (A. alnifolia ‘Regent’) to 25’ tall, such as my Autumn Brilliance serviceberry, shown here.

Serviceberries are real assets in the landscape: showy white flowers in the spring, edible red-purple fruit in the summer, and outstanding foliage color in the fall. The only downside to Amelancher is the tendency to sucker. As you can see from the next photo, my multi-stem tree began as a shrub. Selective pruning over several years has created the tree form.

Serviceberries prefer full sun, but many tolerate partial shade. Well drained soils are best. Species vary in their drought tolerance, so be sure to ask about the watering needs of the plant you intend to buy.

Autumn Brilliance serviceberry several years ago

Amelanchier---fall color

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