Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bloomin Patio!

My friends at Kevin Robb Studios have created a versatile, durable patio that is a great transition from the garden to their work area. It’s the perfect setting for entertaining their clients. The patio was formed up on site, with 6 inch wide strips between the 4’x 4’ concrete pads. The gaps are planted with crocus bulbs and creeping thyme, which stays green year round. Party on!


Diane Robb said...

Crocus are wonderful because they say to us all that spring is here! They are a teaser to the wonderful foliage that is just around the corner. Diane

Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful garden for this time of year! I absolutely LOVE how green everything is! What a clever idea! Is it based off English garden designs?

jocelyn said...

Diane may wish to respond to your comment as well, but I suspect that this patio design was based on the owners' love for contemporary art and design. Although the use of geometric patterns always brings classical, European garden design to mind, they are actually a great complement to modern architecture, or anytime you want a crisp, clean affect. With a strong hardscape such as this, the planting design can be loose and natural.