Monday, January 08, 2007

Poinsettia Care

Have you have been enjoying a poinsettia plant for the past few weeks? If so, then you are probably doing all of the right things to care for it, because they can be a bit fussy. Bright, indirect sunlight, coolish temperatures (70 degrees F), and moderately moist soil (never let it dry out!) are the recommended cultural practices. The poinsettia "flowers" --- specialized leaves called bracts --- may actually last well in to March, but then what? I typically pack mine of to the compost bin, but if you'd like to try "reblooming" your plant for next year you will need to follow these tips, exactly.


erin said...

i am sorry to say that the link would not open a page for me.

jocelyn said...

Thanks for that information! I've corrected the link, it should work for you now.