Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Get 'er Done!

Need a light chore to help you work off your turkey feast? If you haven't done so already, then get out there and wrap your trees. Young trees that haven't yet developed their "corky" or mature bark are very susceptible to winter sun scald. The lack of foliage, low angle of the sun, and reflection off of snowy ground all contribute to damage tree trunks. This is a particular concern at our altitude, of course, and young honeylocusts and maples are especially at risk.

So here are a few tips:
Use a product made for this task---see photo. It's not expensive, and it can be reused.
Start at the base of the tree and wrap in an overlapping spiral (to shed moisture, like a shingle)up to the second tier of branches.
Secure the ends of the wrap to itself (not the tree) with duct tape, a small office type clamp, or staples.
Apply at Thanksgiving, remove at Easter.

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