Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nigel loves Grapes

Nigel, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, loves grapes. Not just the fruit, mind you, but all of the other bits and pieces too. You can see from this photo that he has neatly "pruned" the grapes that grow on the vintage wire fence between our two yards.

Grape vines make a wonderfully dense, fast growing screen. They're great on overhead structures, too. My grape is an Eastern Concord (Vitis labrusca 'Eastern Concord'), with deep purple, juicy fruit . I don't make jelly or wine from the fruit, but enjoy eating handfuls and spitting out the seeds as I wander around the garden. I know that there are other varieties of grapes that grow well in Colorado including two whites; 'Himrod' and 'Niagara'. What are you growing? Do you have a recipe that uses the fruit or the leaves to share?


Allison said...

Oh MY! That Nigel looks as though he's been doing waaaay too much snacking! How nice to have a "trained" pruning expert close by!

jocelyn said...

Yes, Nigel is a wonderful neighbor. He's always happy to see us, but NEVER barks!

jocelyn said...
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