Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Moving Time

Fall is not only a great time for installing new plants, it's also a great time for moving existing favorites. If you have perennials that flower in spring or early summer and need to be divided or moved to a better location, then now is the best time to do it. (Wait to transplant your summer and fall flowering plants and ornamental grasses until next spring.)

One plant, in particular, that should only be moved in the fall is the Peony, Paeonia. Peonies will not flower well is their site has become too shady, or if they were originally planted too deep. Dig up and cut apart the fleshy tuber so that each section has 3-5 eyes or buds and about 6" of root. Replant pieces no more than 1-2" below the soil surface. Peonies grow and bloom best in full sun and are moderately drought tolerant. Plant in deep, rich, well draining soils.

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