Monday, September 18, 2006

Bloom Inventory

Every few weeks I like to walk through my yard and make note of what all is in bloom. It's a good way to review what I might need to add to my garden center shopping list. That way I'm not quite as likely to get sucked in to buying just what's in bloom at the garden center, but rather what I actually need to add to my garden!

One way to plan for lots of ongoing garden color is to think of plants in terms of their blooming capacity. I classify plants as having 1. Seasonal flowers, 2. Long lasting flowers, 3. Repeat flowers - spontaneous, and 4. Repeat flowers - induced (with a cutting back after the first flowering.) Here are examples from my current bloom inventory:

1. Seasonal--aster, tall Zauschneria, chrysanthemum, goldenrod, tall Sedum.

2. Long lasting--hummingbird mint, Russian sage, plumbago, low Zauschneria, butterfly bush, bluemist spirea, sea lavender, gayfeather.

3. Spontaneous repeat--rose, creeping Potentilla, Centranthus, poppy mallow, Missouri evening primrose, Himalyan border jewel, geranium, blanket flower.

4. Induced repeat--Moonshine yarrow, Salvia, Penstemon, Coreopsis.

What's blooming in your yard today??

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Allison said...

What a GREAT idea! ...and also a wonderful use for one of the beautiful handmade journals I've been keeping for something special!