Friday, August 12, 2011

Welby Gardens Flower Trials

Last week I attended the annual flower trials at Welby Gardens.  Along with a number of fellow landscape professionals, I was invited to view 800 new - or recently introduced - plant varieties (mostly annuals) and vote for my ten favorites. Welby will use the information to help determine which plants to propagate next year.  What a concept, eh?  Find out what the buyers like, and supply it!

Here are just a few that caught my eye:
Osteospermum, 'Peach Magic' from the Serenity series
This photo doesn't do justice to the iridescence of the upper surface of the flower petals. Plus, check out the rich, golden brown of the undersides.  Very cool!

Lantana 'Lemon Glow' from the Lucky series
 I love the clean, bright, cheery look of this lantana. Plus, I'm a sucker for color value shifts on the same plant - more bang for your buck!

Coleus 'Mars Landing'
 Cool name for an uber cool plant!  Looks like an exotic leather or gemstone or - gee! - the surface of Mars. Such a wonderful color palette in one plant will inspire lots of striking container plantings for sure!

Supertunia 'White Russian'
 Dude. I am totally fantasizing about an entire garden based on The Big Lebowski.  Seriously, this is a dynamic neutral that will be a great mixer.

And finally, this crazy fiesta coneflower. Not part of the trial, but a showstopper nonetheless.
Echinacea 'Double Scoop'

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