Landscape and Garden Design
I offer several different design services ranging from one-hour consultations to quick-sketch garden designs to full landscape master plans.  I strive to create beautiful outdoor spaces that fit your lifestyle and are Colorado “green.”  All of my services are billed at an hourly rate, plus expenses, with a one-hour minimum. 

We start with a one hour consultation; sometimes this is all you need to move forward with your project. During the consultation we walk the site and discuss your wants and needs, concerns and preferences while reviewing the particulars of your property. I offer design and plant recommendations on the spot---it's like a brainstorming session but it's tempered with 30+ years of professional experience! At the end of your consultation, if you’re interested, I will give you an estimate for a design package.  A design package includes 4 copies of your landscape design (a scaled map with existing and new features and plants), supplemental written instructions and specifications, a list of preferred landscape contractors (if you wish to hire some of the work done) and a list of additional resources.  I'm more than happy to break the design down into front or back yard, or even a special interest area.  

You may click on these links to read more about my design philosophy and process.

Please Note that at this time, my work territory in metro Denver primarily encompasses this area:
North: 112th Ave
East: I-25
South: Evans Avenue
West: C-470/Hwy 93

Questions? Contact me at 303-425-7102 or

Garden Coaching
Garden Coaching is the “show and tell” experience that will give you the confidence to move forward and implement or maintain your landscape and garden improvements. Coaching sessions are geared specifically to your needs and may include any of the following:

·        Plant Identification and Evaluation
·        Planting and Maintenance Techniques
·        Personal Shopping Guide
·        Plan Realization

Coaching session’s average 1 – 2 hours each and are billed at an hourly rate, plus expenses, with a one-hour minimum. 

Questions? Contact me at 303-425-7102 or