Monday, August 31, 2009

CSU Trial Gardens

Last weekend the DH and I made a trip up to Fort Collins to spend time with friends and visit the CSU Trial Gardens. This research area has become one of the top tourist attractions in Fort Collins, and it's easy to see why! For the casual observer the impact of so much color is amazing and very engaging. For those of us who are "in the biz" it's a great opportunity to see what's on the horizon that may have good design potential.
This miniature petunia caught my eye. Will it be longer blooming and better in the ground than the many Calibrachoas already on the market? All of the plants are tagged like this one so you can record the name of the plant and also the name of the seed company (or plant propagator) that's working with the university to trial it.

Friend Karen strolls through the shade garden

The garden includes areas of both sun and shade, and also have a large area devoted to container growing. A new space has recently been devoted to perennial trials as well.

For more information check out this article published earlier this summer in the Denver Post.

Monday, August 24, 2009

...or Not!

In the previous post I featured a photo of an artichoke. Well, just look how quickly she's growing now! Two babies flanking the main bud, and it looks like more may be on the way. My first ever home grown artichokes!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Soooooo Slooooow

Our cool summer temps have been heaven for lolling about in true summertime fashion, but they've played havoc with the veggies.
Tomatoes, in particular, seem to be in slow motion (kind of like me, these days) and are taking their sweet time to ripen.
The tomatoes shown here were germinated for me by a dear friend. I chose them for their intriguing color---black! Well, theoretically, anyway. They just look kind of muddy to me, but I can't wait to taste them. Black cherry?